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Tutorial Videos

Please Note: These Tutorial Videos were created prior to ParaSQL becoming AppSynergy by ParaSQL.

These Tutorial Videos provide an outline of how to perform the most common tasks. Once you have a general idea of how to do a specific task, you will see context-specific Help buttons throughout AppSynergy. These Help buttons contain detailed information on syntax, formulas and other info that together serve as the "reference manual" for AppSynergy.

General Overview

Start Here. A brief overview of main features, including linking in external systems with Smart Connectors to create a federated data model.

Tutorial 1 - Getting Started

Create a new app with tabs, menus, icons and more.

Tutorial 2 - Designing Your Database

Learn core database concepts including how to migrate spreadsheet data into normalized database tables.

Tutorial 3 - Creating Tables

Learn how to create tables and relationships between tables.

Tutorial 4 - Building Your App

Learn how to setup simple and nested records, assign default values to fields, use calculated virtual fields, and much more.

Tutorial 5 - Reports, Filters and Search Boxes

Learn how to create multi-table reports, custom saved filters, link buttons to filters, and use virtual fields to implement search boxes.

Tutorial 6 - Data Links

Learn how to link records, reports and charts to implement powerful drill-down capabilities in your apps.

Tutorial 7 - Charts

Learn how to integrate dynamic charts and maps into your database apps.