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Powerful Drag-n-Drop Web App Development

Build powerful, enterprise-grade web apps using 95% drag-n-drop development.

Design (or import) your database schema. Then simply drag objects like tabs, menus, buttons, modal panels, records, reports, charts, maps, etc. from the palette and drop them into your app. Rearrange and place everything exactly where needed. The system understands primary and foreign key relationships, automatically builds pick-lists, and maintains referential relationships without any of the normal manual work. Nest relational objects within each other to build UI that is simply not possible with other systems (without huge amounts of hand coding). Create a data link from one object to another to show related info in a tab or pop-up modal panel. Call one modal panel from another to allow the user to drill down. Easily build mobile optimized web apps with the exact same tools.

You can easily capture events and write code for business logic on both the client and the server using non-proprietary languages. And you can integrate other systems with normal RESTful API calls or take advantage of our federated data integration capabilities with over 250 pre-built plugins.

Your users will be amazed by how quickly solutions come together and the quality of those solutions. You'll be amazed by what you can accomplish with the proper tools and environment.

Low-Code Visual Designer Screen Shot

Rapidly build solutions that meet your specific business requirements.

Nested Relational Objects

AppSynergy has the industry's most advanced relational nested object capabilities. Building editable UI that relies on multiple tables with complex relationships has never been this powerful or easy.

Records can contain scrolling lists of records, reports, etc. without limitation as to depth or complexity. The records can be free-form tabular, form-like, multi-line, etc. – you have complete layout freedom. Calculated fields can occur at any level, and parents can sum over child values. Changes to child values automatically ripple through to peer, parent, and child formulas with no additional work.

Infinitely Nestable Records

Integrated Reporting

Integrated reporting with powerful filtering, sorting, grouping, and computed columns – including master-detail style reports. Advanced features include:

Powerful cloud-based Reporting without the need for a separate solution.

Quickly build highly visual, data-rich applications.

Data Visualization

AppSynergy provides a variety of ways to visualize your data and build rich interactive dashboards.

All charts support data linking and live interaction. For example, clicking on a chart element or map pin can bring up related information from the database.

Mobile Optimized Web Apps

You can easily create mobile optimized applications that leverage all of AppSynergy's powerful features (its not just a "lite" version). A mobile optimized app can be installed on your mobile device (via Add to Homescreen) so that a single click of an icon on your phone or tablet can launch an app in full screen mode without the browser being visible in any way.

Only write code when absolutely necessary.

Write Code As Needed

Write both client-side and server-side code using non-proprietary languages.

On the client-side, a complete Application API allows your custom JavaScript code to integrate tightly with all the widgets in your drag-n-drop built UI. Just add an event and a little code to do whatever is needed – without reinventing the wheel. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by just how little client-side coding you'll actually need (hint: often none).

On the server-side you have full support for ANSI standard Procedural Language programming extensions to SQL (PL/SQL). This provides full programming support (e.g. variables, branching, looping, defining functions, etc.) embedded within the SQL language such that data manipulation is easier than ever. All with a non-proprietary ANSI standard language. We think you'll be amazed by how much easier it is to write business logic this way verses the more traditional mid-tier/separate-language/back-and-forth approach.


The modern world runs on RESTful APIs. AppSynergy has full support for making server-based, secure outbound web requests to any JSON based RESTful API. You can also securely receive inbound web requests with nothing more than an API key. And without resorting to a separate mid-tier and the issues involved. Essentially it's a secure HTTP-to-PL/SQL router.

BEGIN IF (NEW.resp_code IS NULL) THEN IF (JSON_VALUE(NEW.req_params,'$.TestMe') = 'true') THEN SET NEW.resp_code = 200; SET NEW.resp_body = JSON_OBJECT('MyResponse','Hello World'); ELSE SIGNAL SQLSTATE '45000' SET MESSAGE_TEXT = 'Invalid Request'; END IF; END IF; END

Easily process inbound web requests.

Root Access

AppSynergy provides full root access to your own private, dedicated database server without restriction. Freely use third-party tools directly with your AppSynergy hosted MariaDB database without any artificial restrictions getting in the way.


Open SQL Database

Click here to learn more about AppSynergy's unrestricted root access to your own dedicated database server using standard tools and technologies.

Create your own fully custom Security Roles

Role Based Security

Every user is assigned to a Security Role and authenticated at both the application layer and the database layer.

You can easily create fully custom Security Roles to specify exactly which tables and fields a user can view or modify. Further, your application UI can reference the currently logged in user and/or role to dynamically change the UI as needed, filter visible rows based on the current user or their role, etc.

Electronic Signatures

AppSynergy has built-in electronic signatures fields. Now you can easily capture electronic signatures directly from within your application (e.g. like a FedEx delivery signature).

Capture signatures directly from within your applications.

Integrated Support for Barcodes

Barcode Support

Of course you can easily scan barcodes using any commercially available barcode scanner. But AppSynergy also has the ability to generate barcodes from data in over 15 different formats for use on printouts like packing slips and inventory labels.

Embed An Application In Your Website

Embeded App Support

You can embed your application into your website with a simple copy & paste of an embed code.

Email Integration

AppSynergy has integrated email APIs for easily sending email notifications and receiving email back into the database. We use SendGrid as our email transport partner.

Integrated capabilities for sending and receiving email.

Programmatically create PDF documents from database data.

PDF Generation

AppSynergy has server-side PDF doc generation capabilities built in – making it easy to build systems that need PDFs generated for things like invoices, purchase orders, customs documents, etc. Your PL/SQL code can call three types of PDF services:

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