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Model-Driven Low-Code Application Development

Discover a radically faster way to build enterprise applications. One that is fast, flexible and secure.

The AppSynergy visual application designer was created specifically for building data-rich applications. It is a model-driven low-code platform – not a code generator – and was specifically designed to handle real-world enterprise UI complexity with ease. With little to no code needed for even the most complex nested data layouts.

Simply drag tabs, menus, buttons, records, reports and a wide variety of chart types right off the palette and drop them into your application canvas. Create a data link from one object to another to show related info with a single click. Join tables together with a quick drag and drop.

Building, modifying, and deploying applications is all done in the cloud.

And because you are building on top of a powerful federated data model, the integration is already handled.

Low-Code Visual Designer Screen Shot

Rapidly build solutions that fit your exact business requirements.

Integrated Reports, Charts & Maps

You have a large assortment of ways to visualize your data and build rich interactive dashboards.

Easily build visual, data-rich applications.

Your Applications Will Run On Any Device

AppSynergy applications can run unchanged across laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. And for an even better user experience, you can build an app optimized for a specific screen size (e.g. tablet, smartphone). Install your app on a mobile device with a simple "Add to Home Screen" and watch it run full screen like a native app.

Add an event to any UI object to call your own JavaScript code.

JavaScript API

You can easily add events to any UI object to call your own code. Your code can then access any of the objects in your application via AppSynergy's object oriented JavaScript API.

Flexible Look & Feel

Create fully custom CSS themes and share them across multiple applications for a consistent look and feel.

There is even an HTML widget that combined with some JavaScript or a third-party library can render absolutely anything on the screen without limitation.

You have full control over your application's look & feel.

Embed Any Application

You can embed an application in your website with a simple copy & paste of its embed code.

Easily create a secure customer portal on top of your federated database.