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About Us

Why We're Here

AppSynergy by ParaSQL was born out of the frustrating limitations found in existing enterprise-grade cloud application and integration platforms. None were designed to easily build applications with real-world complexity, none supported advanced integration scenarios, and virtually all required the use of proprietary scripting languages for anything beyond the basics. We could see a far better way, so we built it.

Our mission is to make it as fast as possible to build custom, cloud-native, scalable, secure applications that seamlessly integrate with other systems.

Our History

We got our start in 1990 with Steve Jobs' NeXT Computer and the creation of an award-winning database product called Parabase. We have done several database application platform products since, and have deep experience with high-reliability, mission-critical database application platforms. Over the years we have served customers in the military, intelligence, medical and telecommunications communities. AppSynergy is our latest and greatest, built from a clean sheet of paper specifically for modern cloud environments. It is pure HTML 5, but more importantly fully built on the browser's DOM as a so-called "single page app". AppSynergy runs on the Google Cloud Platform using cloud-native APIs and premium networking. All code runs exclusively in Google's datacenters or in your web browser. ParaSQL is a Google Cloud Technology Partner.

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Technical Support:

Telephone: 888-829-7576

East Coast Offices
601 Heritage Drive
Suite 461
Jupiter, FL 33458
West Coast Offices
8201 164th Ave NE
Suite 200
Redmond, WA 98052