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The Big Picture:
A Better Way To Build Business Apps

Modern free-form design.
A ton of advanced technology.
Right at your fingertips.

Discover a radically faster way to build business applications. One that is affordable, scalable and secure.

Simply drag tabs, menus, buttons, records, reports and a wide variety of chart types right off the palette and drop them into your application canvas. Create a data link from one object to another to show related info with a single click. Create pop-up panels to allows your users to drill down further, add records or make selections as needed. Join tables together for a report by dropping one on top of another. Nest child records within parent records simply by dropping them where you want (with as many levels of depth as you need).
True enterprise UI capabilities.
Even integrate data from remote systems and APIs as though everything was in a single database.
It's simply a better way to build business apps.

Rapidly build solutions that fit your exact business requirements. At an affordable price.

Next-Generation Integration

Our next-generation integration features allow you to work with remote data and APIs as if the data was in a database!

If you know SQL you can now work with any API.

Featured Integration Drivers

Shopify Integration Driver Salesforce Integration Driver Magento Integration Driver
Microsoft Dynamics Integration Driver Infor Integration Driver SAP ERP Integration Driver
Oracle Integration Driver NetSuite Integration Driver SAGE Intacct Integration Driver

More Drivers

Easily build visual, data rich applications.

Reporting & Charting

In addition to building applications ParaSQL has a wide variety of ways to visualize your data. Reports with powerful grouping, sorting and computed columns (including master-detail reports). A wide variety of built-in chart types including Google Maps, bar, line, area, pie, doughnut, bubble, and timelines, Gantt charts and geographic heat maps.

Easy to use Data Links make it fast to build interactive dashboards in the cloud that combine multiple charts and reports on a single screen.

Your Applications Will Run On Any Device

A ParaSQL application can run unchanged across laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. And for an even better user experience, you can build an application optimized for a specific screen size. You can even install your application on a mobile device to create a full screen, native app like experience for your users.

Fully customizable Security Roles allow you to specify exactly what each user can see and do.

Accessible From Anywhere

Share your applications across the office or across the globe. Simple email invites and single-sign-on with Google Accounts makes sharing simple and secure. Leverage Google's industry-leading two-factor authentication and security practices to lock down your business applications while still making them easy to access – whether in the office or on the road.

Power When You Need It

You can easily build systems with complex business logic, routing, approvals, email notifications and more with only minimal code. For example, you might write a database trigger in SQL to update some other tables in your database when a status field changes from New to Approved. Or you might write a scheduled task in SQL to automatically generate Purchase Orders at night based upon inventory restock thresholds. Or a simple trigger that sends an email notification when someone is assigned something.

The business logic is written in a procedural language extension to SQL called SQL/PSM (Persistent Stored Module, an ISO standard). In addition, ParaSQL adds enhancements like email notifications and dynamic PDF generation to extend the capabilities even further.

And since your business logic can work with the virtual tables described above, it can transparently integrate with other systems and APIs.

Creating your business logic with PSMs improves performance, simplifies applications, and ensures business rules are always enforced.

Add an event to any UI object to call your own JavaScript code.

JavaScript API

In addition to business logic, sometimes you need fine-grain control over the application logic/UI.

ParaSQL allows you to add events to any UI object. These events call your own JavaScript code, which in turn can interact with all the objects in your application via ParaSQL's object oriented JavaScript API.

Best of all, most of the things that used to require code simply don't any longer – like calculated fields, turning on/off certain parts of the UI based on who is logged in, building pop-up panels, complex relational forms, etc.

Everything is just easier.

#got root?

Root Access

ParaSQL is the only cloud database application platform that provides you with full root access to your own private, dedicated database server.

Embed Any Application

Your database can have an unlimited number of applications, and you can embed any of those applications in your existing website if desired. In just a couple of minutes, with a simple copy & paste of an embed code.

There are actually two types of embed codes: one for public access (anyone visiting your website, no login required) and one for restricted access (nothing visible without signing in). And if the user signs in, you can restrict what they see to only their own data.

For example, you might create a Customer Portal application where your key customers can log in and see their data – their actual, live data – any time day or night. You can even give them the ability to download it into a spreadsheet or make modifications if desired.

Embed any ParaSQL screen or application into your website; live inventory data shown above.

You have full control over your application's look & feel.

Flexible Look & Feel

ParaSQL allows you to fully customize the CSS for your applications, and inject your own HTML and JavaScript wherever you like.

Reliable, Scalable, Secure

ParaSQL runs entirely in Google's datacenters to fully leverage their amazing infrastructure for enterprise-grade scalability, security, and reliability.

Full encryption of data, both at rest and in transit, along with advanced multi-factor authentication is backed up by a large team of PhD-level security experts working constantly on your behalf.

ParaSQL is a proven enterprise-grade solution for mid-sized companies with documented reliability 24/7 at scale with large, mission-critical deployments.

If you want to run your business on the best, this is it.

ParaSQL is a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner

*Idea to App in 3 Weeks Guarantee: We will develop your internally facing, partner facing, or B2B customer facing application in under 3 weeks. This Guarantee assumes: (a) using our developers that are already familiar with the ParaSQL platform; (b) that the scope is fairly well defined prior to starting and fewer than 20 tables are required; (c) the time frame does not include any data cleansing, data migration or integration with existing systems (unless mutually agreed otherwise); (d) customer is available to test pre-production versions of the application, enter test data, and provide prompt feedback for iteration (any delay in customer responding to feedback requests will not be counted toward the 3 week time limit). If we fail to deliver the application within three weeks for any reason, the application is FREE. One year production platform contract required to qualify for Guarantee. Scheduling restrictions may apply (inquire for available dates).