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Build Powerful Web Applications Using Your
Existing SQL Database

Build modern web-based business applications in record time by connecting AppSynergy directly to your existing SQL database. AppSynergy is the industry's most advanced cloud-native database front end.

AppSynergy allows you to build high-quality, enterprise-grade business applications using modern drag-n-drop low-code techniques. It has class-leading support for nested editable records, complex reporting, charts, graphs, maps, dashboards and more. Flexible drag-n-drop UI objects - like modal panels - allow you to quickly build highly polished applications that make complex business tasks easier for your users.

What gives AppSynergy its power is its ability to dig deep into your database's relational structure. By deeply analyzing the primary key / foreign key structure of your database, AppSynergy can infer much about what you are trying to build. For example, multiple tables can be joined together into a report simply by dragging them on top of each other, with the system looking at relationships and field naming similarities to auto-join the tables. Similarly, editable forms with foreign key fields are automatically given searchable, customizable pick lists based on their foreign key. Even more impressive, you can nest records from different tables within each other (multiple levels deep) such that adding children automatically generates the needed primary and foreign keys for child records, handles inserts, updates and deletes intelligently, etc.

Finally, what really sets AppSynergy apart from other solutions is the completeness of the solution. You can send and receive email from your database (with attachments) using our native email integration, dynamically generate PDF documents, call RESTful APIs from within your database, and so much more. So you'll spend less time reinventing the wheel and have more time to create powerful business solutions.

Low-Code Visual Designer Screen Shot

Rapidly build solutions that meet complex business requirements.

Infinitely Nestable Records

Nested Relational Records

AppSynergy has the industry's most advanced relational nested record capabilities. Building editable screens that rely on multiple tables with complex relationships has never been this powerful or easy.

Records can contain scrolling lists of other records, without limitation as to depth. The records can be free-form tabular, form-like, multi-line, etc. – you have complete layout freedom. Calculated fields can occur at any level, and parents can sum over child values. Changes to child values automatically ripple through to peer, parent, and child formulas with no additional work.

The net result is that AppSynergy handles real-world business app complexity with ease.

Integrated Reporting

Integrated reporting with powerful filtering, sorting, grouping, and computed columns – including master-detail style reports. Advanced features include:

Powerful cloud-based Reporting without the need for a separate solution.

Quickly build highly visual, data-rich applications.

Visualize Your Data

AppSynergy has a large assortment of ways to visualize your data and build rich interactive dashboards.

Mobile Optimized Web Apps

You can easily create mobile optimized applications that leverage all of AppSynergy's powerful features (its not just a "lite" version). A mobile optimized app can be installed on your mobile device (via Add to Homescreen) so that a single click of an icon on your phone or tablet can launch an app in full screen mode without the browser being visible in any way.

Multiple Databases? No Problem.

AppSynergy allows a single application - even a single screen - to use and combine data from multiple different databases.


Multiple Database Support

Only write code when absolutely necessary.

AppSynergy API

AppSynergy provides robust support for both client-side and server-side programming.

On the client-side, a complete Application API allows your custom JavaScript code to integrate tightly with all the widgets in your drag-n-drop built UI. No need to reinvent the wheel, just add an event and a little code to enhance as needed.

On the server-side, your database's native triggers and stored procedures are given new power thanks to AppSynergy's meta tables that support things like making RESTful calls from your database code, generating PDFs, sending email and so much more.

Customizable Look & Feel

Create fully custom CSS themes and share them across multiple applications for a consistent look and feel.

You have full control over your application's look & feel.

Deep Feature Set

AppSynergy includes all of the features you need to build scalable business applications:

Capture signatures directly from within your applications.

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