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Federated Data Integration

Our next-generation Federated Data Model allows you to integrate APIs and Enterprise Data Sources in ways that were previously thought to be impossible.

Imagine running an SQL query across multiple RESTful APIs that don't understand SQL, or updating those same APIs with industry-standard SQL UPDATE statements. Imagine reading and writing data across multiple incompatible APIs and Enterprise Data Sources as though all the data from all the systems was in a single logical database.

With AppSynergy's next-generation federated data integration this vision has become reality.

Now imagine what would happen if you placed a low-code application development platform on top of such a federated system. You would have true drag-n-drop simplicity for building 95% of your complex enterprise application – even if it needed to integrated multiple formerly incompatible systems. So the developers would only have to write code for the truly unique 5% of the application and/or business logic that actually has value. The other 95%+ of low-value boilerplate programming (i.e. "copy and paste programming") would simply be eliminated. And with so many fewer lines of code the resulting system would of course be vastly easier to understand, enhance, and maintain over the coming years.

Here is what it looks like from an architecture perspective:

The AppSynergy Federated Data Model understands SQL just like a regular database, but communicates with APIs and Enterprise Data Sources in their own language.


150+ Smart Connectors

Over 150 Smart Connectors to make integration easy.

Over 150 Federated Smart Connectors

We have over 150 Federated Smart Connectors available today – with more coming all the time – to link virtually anything into your federated data model.

Universal Smart Connectors

If you need to link in an API not yet covered by one of our 150+ Smart Connectors, you can do so with one of our Universal Smart Connectors – opening the door to virtually every API on the planet.

Simply point the appropriate Universal Smart Connector to a RESTful API end point and it will auto-discover the structure of the API. All popular authentication methods are supported including OAuth. You can edit the generated configuration files to customize datatypes, column names, query parameters and much more.

Once an API is linked into your federated data model with one of our Universal Smart Connectors, it's as if all of the data from that API is in your own database.


Universal JSON Connector

Easily connect to and auto-discover any JSON API end point.


Universal XML Connector

Easily connect to and auto-discover any XML API end point.


Universal ODATA Connector

Easily connect to and auto-discover any ODATA API end point.

Flexible Data Model API

Create an API key to let other applications access all (or part) of your federated database via ODBC, JDBC or REST protocols.

Role-based security gives you precise control over what data and/or code a given API key can access.



Allow other applications to securely access your federated data model via ODBC, JDBC or REST protocols.

Data Model Logic

Your data model can contain business logic that spans systems transparently.

Enforce system-wide business rules, generate documents, send email notifications, route approvals and automate tasks across your entire federated data model.

An intelligent and intuitive way to write business logic that spans systems.